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Stainless Steel Fittings

Stainless steel fittings, piping and shut-off valves


Fittings are parts and assemblies for connecting sections of the pipeline. They perform the following functions:

creating direct connections of sections with the same diameter;

organization of branches, joints, turns, transitions to another diameter, dead-end sections;

connection of equipment (control and measuring devices, containers, etc.);

organization of high-pressure areas.

ALFA-STAR supplies stainless steel fittings to perform all these functions. In our assortment:

bends for organizing turns of the medium flow in the pipeline;

tees for branching or connecting threads;

transitions for a smooth change in the diameter of the pipeline section;

couplings, barrels, American, nipples, futorki, bends for connection and extension of sections;

stubs for creating dead ends;

fittings for connecting high-pressure sections or equipment to the pipeline.

Our company supplies fittings for installation under welding and with the help of a threaded connection. Welded fittings ensure almost complete tightness of the connection and are used in the most critical sections of the pipeline, as well as where constant maintenance is not required. Threaded fittings are characterized by ease of installation and maintenance, allow multiple disassembly /installation and reuse. They are used in pipeline sections that require frequent dismantling for maintenance. 

All fittings are made of high-quality steel AISI 304 and AISI 316. The high performance properties of these materials make it possible to use this valve for the installation of pipelines operating under conditions of significant mechanical and thermal loads, pressure and temperature differences, exposure to chemically active and aggressive media. Stainless steel fittings from our company ensure the reliability of critical load zones, which are the connections of pipeline sections, and will last for decades. All products are certified for compliance with Russian and international standards. Many names are represented by several models in a wide range of standard sizes. If it is difficult to choose a product, our specialists will provide the necessary assistance and give recommendations on the operation of the product.

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